Google Sandbox – Tips to a site launch

Google Sandbox – Tips to a site launch

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The Google Sandbox and your new website?

The Google Sandbox is a system made by Google with the purpose of filtering out spam sites by placing all new websites under a hold for a period of 3-6 months.

Although the Google sandbox was designed to filter out spam sites, in reality it affects all new websites. Your new site will sit un-found for up to 6 months from a “launch date”

The way YellowDawg launches sites is forward thinking in its procedure. Once we start on a new project the first thing we do is launch a welcome page for your site. This welcome page has a brief overview of your products and services and your contact information if needed.

The page is created with proper keywords and title data and is search engine spider friendly. This way we are able to work on your project over the next month or two depending on size and let Google and other search spiders determine your site as valid.