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Web, Mobile & Print

YellowDawg uses visual talent to tell great stories in print advertising, identity design, websites and user-experience. We’ve built business-winning campaigns all around the world, and we’ll ensure that your brand remains clear and consistent across all media.

Not Just a Pretty Face … Of course your site will be compelling and attractive. But your site must also be an engine for your business, in context with your business plan, marketing initiatives, advertising – and in context with the needs of your customers. The YellowDawg team will work with you to identify key messages appropriate to your customers, evaluate your competition, and set a high standard of tone and visual literacy for your site. We deliver professional copywriting, photography, and design elements, resulting in a content-rich, on-target site for your audience.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce: It’s about choices – a range of services and products not constricted by where you live or travel. It’s about reaching customers and clients in ways that have never before been possible. It’s about building business and like all business relationships it’s about trust, security, and customer satisfaction.

You are likely already familiar with the on-line shopping experience: You go to the catalogue site, browse items, click to place them in a “shopping cart,” and go to “check out” when you are finished shopping. Check your order, discarding unwanted items or doubling up on good deals. Enter your credit card and shipping information and wait for the UPS truck. Every transaction is encrypted by CIA-level security software, ensuring both your privacy and safety – even more secure than handing over your card at a store or restaurant.

Custom, Tweak, Make Better!

For Small Business: We seamlessly integrate industry-leading technologies into your website, ensuring security, stability, and consistent sales. We also provide:

  • Domain name research and registration
  • Secure, flexible and scalable website hosting
  • Custom Shopping Carts
  • Security Certificates
  • Moneris Integration
  • Expert Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Ongoing Technical Support

For IT Project Managers: We provide small, flexible teams into your existing and future IT projects which require certified IT professionals.

Additionally, you can out source development of custom scalable web applications and e-Commerce software, in industry-standard environments.

Our creative team has worked with international brands and multi-million dollar ad agencies, and brings this expertise to bear on creating a great look for your business. We are a full-service design agency, delivering: