Tell Google Your Business Location

Tell Google Your Business Location

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Google wants to know your business location. Why not help them out (and yourself) by filling out their online application ?
Go to the Google Local Business Center and fill out all the necessary information. Shortly after you submit your details, Google sends you a postcard in the mail. On the postcard is a PIN number, which you input back into the Google Business Center in order to be verified.

It says on the postcard that your business will be listed in about 6 weeks, and you can check its status by returning to the Local Business Center.

The postcard also comes with a coupon for “Free Google Advertising Credit”. If you’ve been thinking about giving AdWords a try, then here’s a bit of incentive. Google recommends a budget of about $25 / month, to start an AdWords campaign. The campaigns are easy to setup and the ads only appear to those in your target area.

This ties in with an announcement made by Google on February 2, 2007 to start personalizing search results. Basically this means that there could be different search results for different people. A great article by Dave Davies outlines a few of the possible scenarios which could arise from this change.